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The Extra Care Model

April 27, 2017

Because the evidence is clear. Older people in Extra Care accommodation stay healthier, spend less time in hospital and maintain their independence for longer.

Most older people want to retain their independence for as long as possible and that is what Extra Care delivers. The vast majority of people who make the decision to move into an Extra Care property will never need to go into a care home.

And … most people these days are home owners and don’t want to become tenants just because they’ve decided to move into more appropriate accommodation for their needs.  Plus, if you are living in your own home then the value of that property cannot be taken into account when assessing what you need to pay towards your care costs and your equity is protected. Unfortunately, there is a huge shortage of private, leasehold Extra Care property in the UK and that is what Oak Retirement intends to address.

Extra Care’s Role
The International Longevity Centre is a leading think tank on longevity and demographic change and have produced a report on the role of Extra Care Housing.

ILC Extra Care Role Report

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