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5 Effective Ways Community Spirit Can Boost Your Self Esteem

November 23, 2020

Could you benefit from a deeper sense of purpose?

Many of us don’t realise the extent to which our careers give us a sense of identity.

As we transition to retirement and our working lives come to an end, whilst we have more free time, it can be difficult to try and fill that void.

Becoming more integral in your wider community can help to boost your self esteem; from doing good deeds for others, to making more friends. Read on to discover how finding your inner community spirit could help you to feel happier and more fulfilled.

You’ll Become More Culturally Aware

If you haven’t had much involvement in your community so far, you may be unaware of the wide variety of different cultures present. By immersing yourself in your community, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from a variety of different backgrounds and discover their way of living. Becoming more diverse and open-minded in this way will help you gain new perspectives on everyday situations and the world around you. It’s a great source of inspiration, too; you may even make some lifestyle changes of your own.

Embracing diversity in the community

Combat Loneliness and Isolation

In today’s world, loneliness is more prevalent than ever before – particularly amongst the older generations. Over a period of time, feeling lonely can lead to the onset of various mental and physical health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. By becoming more involved in your local community (including online communities), you’re presented with more opportunities to make new friends and connect with like-minded people who share your interests and passions. Whether you join the local book club or you take up an opportunity to volunteer for an organisation, you’ll be nurturing your mental health by taking the time to interact with others.

Social interaction in the community

Discover More About Yourself

Trying your hand at new activities is one of the best ways to discover more about yourself and your passions. Whichever activity you choose, you’ll most likely be able to involve your local community in some way; whether that’s by polishing up your baking skills and selling your bakes at a fundraiser, or crocheting/knitting clothes and donating them to your local charity shop. You may even surprise yourself and discover a creative flair!

Baking a cake

Gain Confidence by Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Self esteem and confidence are closely linked. If you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, you’ll boost your levels of self worth – and, in turn, have more confidence to step outside your comfort zone to try something new.

Everyone has their own unique worries and anxieties – whether that’s mixing with large groups of people, or a fear of failure. And as such, joining a new community can be a daunting prospect for some.

However, taking the plunge and immersing yourself into an initially unfamiliar situation needn’t be as scary as it seems. At best, you’ll discover a newly found hobby and make new friends; at worst, you’ll find that it’s just not for you. And in this case, you can simply move on to something else.

Doing Good For Others Benefits You, Too

It’s widely known that doing good deeds for others not only spreads cheer amongst the community, but it also helps to increase feelings of self esteem for the generous individual. It releases endorphins within the brain, helping to reduce feelings of stress and increase happiness.

So whether you take the time to volunteer for a local charity, help someone who needs assistance or make weekly visits to someone that lives alone, there are a variety of ways you can spread cheer amongst your local community.

Volunteering in the community

Mindfulness, too, is a great way to improve your mental and physical health. Find out how you can take a more mindful approach to your everyday life in our previous article.