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Healthy Foods to Eat During Lockdown [ Beat Unhealthy Habits ]

January 15, 2021

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely been in lockdown for some time. You’re probably bored and looking forward to returning to a ‘normal’ life.

But what you’re also likely experiencing is a lack of certain nutrients. Spending large amounts of time indoors depletes us of certain vitamins and minerals. And that’s not to mention Christmas – a time where most will let themselves go when it comes to food indulgence.

Healthy foods to eat during lockdown: cooked chicken with vegetables

Now, though, we’re at the beginning of a brand new year. It’s a time when people look at their lives reflectively, setting those all-important new year’s resolutions in stone. Where is healthy eating on your list? If it’s near the bottom, or not there at all, it may be time to re-think your priorities.

If you’ve decided that healthy eating is the way forward for you, keep reading to discover some of the best healthy foods to eat during lockdown…

Oily Fish, Red Meat, Leafy Greens and Eggs…

What do all of the above have in common? 

Aside from being rich in flavour, they are all jam-packed with vitamin D. As a nation, we are spending more time indoors than ever before. Whilst it’s kind of a dream come true for introverts, it doesn’t do much good in the way of providing us with adequate sunlight.

The sun is our most natural source of vitamin D. It penetrates through the skin, helping our bodies absorb calcium, whilst maintaining healthy bones, muscles and teeth. As many of us are depleted of this resource at the moment, it makes sense to supplement ourselves with vitamin D-rich foods.

Oily fish, such as salmon and sardines, red meat, spinach, kale and eggs are among the best healthy foods to eat during lockdown. For more information, check out the NHS website.

Healthy foods to eat during lockdown: array of vitamin D foods (salmon, peas, eggs)

Healthy Foods For Snacking

When we spend large amounts of time at home – and particularly when we’re bored – we’re increasingly more prone to unhealthy snacking.

In fact, the habit of snacking is thought to have increased by 40% within our homes since the beginning of lockdown, according to BBC News.

That’s not to say, though, that snacking is bad for our health. The problem lies within our snack of choice, with many picking convenient, processed snacks over healthier ones that require some preparation.

However, if eating healthy foods during lockdown is your goal, some preparation is needed. You can always prepare in advance – perhaps dedicating an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon to chopping vegetables and storing them.

Popular healthy snacks often include cucumber and carrot sticks with a hummus dip, apple slices with natural peanut butter, or homemade granola bars.

Healthy snacks: Peanut butter, almonds and chocolate chips on apple slices

Homemade, Hearty Dinners

With restaurants closed, but takeaways still open in many parts of the UK, it can be all-too tempting to skip the cooking and place an order at your local fish and chip shop.

Once in a while, this is OK – but make a habit of it, and you’re putting your health at risk. Rather than making takeaways a regular habit, consider meal planning. So, for you, this might mean planning healthy meals for the week on a Saturday, before ordering a grocery shop. And then, on Sunday, preparing everything you can in advance – whether that’s chopping vegetables, or making a sauce and storing it in the freezer. The more you can do beforehand, the better.

Then, on the night of cooking, preparation is minimal – and your main focus will simply be cooking and serving up your food. Sure, it takes a little more effort than ordering a takeaway, but the difference it makes to your health is more than worth it.

Healthy and hearty dinner: meat stew in a pot

At Friary Meadow, we encourage all of our residents to live as healthily as possible – with endless opportunities for social interaction and exercise, and plentiful healthy foods to eat.

If you’d like to find out more about us, do take a few minutes to browse the website.

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