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The Health Benefits of Indoor Plants – Living Well in Retirement

June 8, 2021

What are the health benefits of indoor plants?

As well as being an aesthetically pleasing addition to your retirement home, indoor plants also provide a plethora of health benefits.

This week, we’re taking a look at how indoor plants can transform your mental and physical health for the better:

Indoor Plants Filter the Air

When plants go through the photosynthesis process, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air (the waste gas we breathe out) and produce oxygen (the atmospheric gas that’s vital to our respiratory health). So, by reducing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen, indoor plants are essentially purifying our air and increasing our healthy oxygen intake. 

This filtered air can reduce the risk of a range of nasty viruses, including cold and flu, and can also help to reduce headaches.

Plants can also reduce toxins in the air, helping to prevent mould and dampness. One of the best plants for this is ivy, which is known for its air-cleaning qualities.

Living room interior with comfortable furniture and indoor plants

Indoor Plants Can Boost Mental Health

Being surrounded by greenery can help you feel more connected to nature. For many, it encourages feelings of calm and peace, which can help to reduce blood pressure and relieve stress

Looking after plants can also provide you with a sense of pride and purpose, and can reduce feelings of loneliness by giving you a focus and something to nurture.

Among the best houseplants to add to your collection are peace lilies, succulents and orchids. The interesting shapes and colours will add dimension to your space, as well as providing health benefits by purifying the air and boosting your mood.

woman watering her plants at home with a plant mister

The Many Benefits of Aloe Vera…

Aloe vera is an excellent indoor plant to have as it has so many health benefits.

First of all, it reduces moisture in the air, helping to prevent damp issues. As it helps to reduce humidity, aloe vera is an excellent plant to have in the bathroom or kitchen, as these rooms can often get steamy.

It can also be used in first-aid treatment as its gel is antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory, providing pain relief for wounds and burns.

Aloe vera plant sat on worktop at home

The Benefits of Growing Indoor Herbs

A windowsill herb garden is a great way of igniting your senses with different smells, textures and colours, whilst serving a practical purpose too. 

Herbs are extremely beneficial when cooking as they not only add great flavours to your dishes, they’re also packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

They can contribute to an array of health benefits such as lowered blood pressure, improved memory, and provide immune system support.

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