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How to Make Friends as an Adult – Breaking the Ice With Your Neighbours

December 23, 2021

Have you ever struggled with knowing how to make friends as an adult?

Moving to a retirement village can be daunting; you may be wondering how best to break the ice with your new neighbours.

From attending social events to hosting a housewarming evening, we’re exploring different ways that you can get to know them:

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How to Make Friends as an Adult: Introduce Yourself

When it comes to meeting others for the first time, making the first move can feel a little intimidating. You may be feeling unsure of the best way to approach your new neighbours. 

Try stepping out of your comfort zone and popping over to your neighbour’s house to introduce yourself. This can open up the channels of communication and break the ice.

Use this opportunity to ask questions about them and get to know them a little better, and tell them about you. It may seem simple, but by knocking on their door, you’re opening yourself up to conversations and friendships.

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Join in With Social Activities

Knowing how to make friends as an adult can be difficult at times; it doesn’t always feel completely natural, but it’s healthy to try and break this barrier.

Why not try attending social activities and visiting communal areas? Here at Friary Meadow, we have a variety of amenities available for our homeowners. 

When you move in, try to utilise what’s available in order to meet new people. Go for regular walks, stop for a coffee in our cafe or lunch in our restaurant, or pop down to our cosy cinema room. You could also head over the road to use the facilities at The Holiday Inn.

By being present at these facilities, you can start to mingle with other homeowners and get to know each other better. If you see someone else in the cafe drinking their coffee alone, why not ask them to join you?

Invite Some Neighbours Over for Dinner

When you’ve unpacked and are settled into your new home here at Friary Meadow, why not invite your neighbours over for dinner to help you celebrate?

If you feel confident, you could cook a meal for everyone, or suggest a bring-and-share dinner. Alternatively, you could serve drinks and snacks for a low-key affair. 

Pop some invites through doors, or ask them when you see them. A small house-warming with your immediate neighbours can be a wonderful way to get to know your community a little better.

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How to Make Friends as an Adult: Ask a Member of Our Team

We understand how daunting it can be to move to a new place, particularly if you don’t know anyone. 

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about approaching people to begin with, we’d be happy to help. Just reach out to a staff member, and we can introduce you to some other homeowners who can then show you the ropes.

As a small, friendly community, you’ll settle in before you know it and will have a host of friends on your doorstep.

You can also have your loved ones visit you to help ease you into your new lifestyle; you may find it easier to approach your neighbours if you have the comfort of a family member with you. 

If you’ve found these tips on how to make friends as an adult helpful, why not read our previous blog for an insight into Friary Meadow from some of our homeowners?

Alternatively, please contact a member of our Friary Meadow team for more information about our retirement village.