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Photos, Videos & Virtual Tours of Friary Meadow

View Friary Meadow from the comfort of your own home!
As well as photographs and videos, we’ve created some virtual tours of our stunning retirement development. If you like what you see, give us a call and we will arrange for you to visit in person.

You can see our gallery of photographs by clicking here           Watch our videos by clicking here

You can enter a virtual tour using the links below.

Navigate around them just as if you were walking around in person by clicking on the arrows on the screen. To look around, swivel the image through 360degrees. They work just like Google Street View.

Bungalow Tour

Bungalow 18

Apartment Tour

53 Theatro Tour

House Tour
Don’t forget the house is on two floors, so when you’ve looked around the ground floor, head upstairs and see the bedrooms and bathroom.

3 Theatro Tour

Tour of the communal areas and grounds

This tour starts in the restaurant and bar. Once you’ve looked around the restaurant floor, and don’t forget to look in the cinema room, head to the lift and go up to the ground floor. There you’ll find reception and the cafe. After that exit through the main doors and have a look at the grounds.

Communal Areas Theatro Tour

Now you’ve seen our virtual tours, we would love to show you around in person. Obviously we’re mindful of the Government Guidelines so be assured you will only be met by our Sales Consultant who will be taking the relevant precautions to protect everyone’s safety.  Just call us on 0800 689 1573 and we’ll make you an appointment.

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